1.  No spamming,

  • Do not post consecutive replies in any of our comments section, only post once and allow others to reply to it before posting again.

2.  No inappropriate pictures or videos.

  • Do not post pornography (images, videos or links).

3.  No  illegal files or links.

  • No links to any websites containing viruses/trojans/malicious content.
  • Do not advertise your links here, this is a safe and harmless website.

4.  No Harassment.

  • Do not disrespect other users or Admins, keep your thoughts to yourself. If you have any problems with anyone contact an Admin.

5.  No racial, religious, ethnic hatred.

  • No links to websites, images or videos promoting racial, religious or ethnic hatred.

6.  No sexual, violence or threats.

  • No links or posts about sexual, violence or threats.

7.  Keep inappropriate language to a minimal.

  • Keep the inappropriate language to a minimal i’m very, very lenient on swearing considering I do a lot of it.

These are the current rules more will be added as we go. Thank you and have a nice day.

- damplaya4


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