Welcome everyone!

Welcome all MicroVolters! We are glad to see people entering our new Community based off one of our most favorite games! As convincing and exciting it may seem, we’ve decided to set up a new broadcast for the beloved Community of MicroVolts to keep the entertainment continuous as a loop. Simple as it seems, this is just the beginning of something new, and we are currently striving to allow our Community grow out to be a proud sponsor of this game. Bringing everyone together from around the Forums and In-Game too, allowing them to join together and watch our 1-out-of-4 shows being livestreamed!

Pretty much, we are a laid-back group of teenagers willing to put this up for everyone else. You aren’t here to be trolled, attacked with insults, take out your anger on others, or maybe even pick up a fight. Try to keep everything on the down-low, we aren’t here to civilize you and have you do things you don’t want to do. You don’t have to worry about anything, because we got your backs. As long as you simply follow our Rules and Guidelines, then you should not have a problem.

Everyone have a wonderful stay, and we hope to see you later in the future.

Click here to go to our stream!